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Jobs in Saudi Arabia – Hiring For Steel Manufacturing Company

Jobs in Saudi Arabia โ€“ Hiring For Steel Manufacturing Company


  1. CCR(Continuous Casting and Rolling)
  2. CGL(Continious Galvanizing Line) ]
  3. Scarfing Plant & S/Y (Stock Yard)
  4. BAF (Batch Anealing Furnace)
  5. EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)
  6. Finishing Area / Roller Intermediate Roller
  7. Reheating Furnace
  8. Shift Downcoiler
  9. Mill Operation Downcoiler
  10. Shift Operator
  11. Entry HSL (Hot Strip Line)
  12. Exit HSPM (Hot Strip Mill)
  13. LF (Laddle Furnace)
  14. Grinder for Rollshop
  15. ย Shift Finishing Area
  16. Hot Metal Crane
  17. Compactor Pulpit
  18. Pre-Fin. Roller
  19. Roughing Roller
  20. C/Shear Pulpit
  21. Shift Slab Yard
  22. Temper Mill
  23. Cold Rollingย 
  24. DR Field
  25. Slab Yardย 
  26. Bundling Pulpit
  27. Main Pulpit
  28. Castingย 


  1. Ring Grinding/ Notch Mill
  2. Lead Technician, Roll Shop
  3. ย Stand & Guide Fitter
  4. CGL
  5. Mechanical
  6. Electrician
  7. Refractory
  8. Hot Strip Mill Instrument
  9. Hydraulicย 
  10. Laddle
  11. Mouldย 
  12. Roll Turn

Candidate should be ITI or Diploma with 05 yrs of exp. In steel plant

Send the CV, license copy & all documents in single PDF file.ย on or


Bright International

How To Apply : Prospective candidates with relevant experience are invited to reach out to the branch office directly or submit their CV via email. Please ensure that your application includes a valid contact number, experience certificates, as well as copies of your passport and photo. When sending your application via email, kindly mention the job title in the subject line. Additionally, please provide your Skype and Zoom IDs in the CV for smooth online interview coordination. We look forward to receiving your applications.

Read the ad to know more about the vacancies and the qualifications / Experience reqd. | Read the Ad carefully before you apply.

Note: Avoid making any advance payments to recruiters. Only proceed with payments after visa processing. Our platform is not engaged in any aspect of the recruitment process. We strongly advise applicants to thoroughly research the credibility of prospective employers and independently verify the authenticity of recruiters before making any financial transactions with them.

If you have any friends, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances who will be matching the profile, we request you to please share these details to them.



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